Minutes (by Peter) of Feb. 11, 2012
  1. This plan discussed in January is not going to happen: "In response to Miriam's invitation, Maureen will contact her and Nondas about a Granny gig on April 22. Contact info: Miriam Abrams-Stark, Director of Congregational Learning, Temple Emanu-El, 99 Taft Avenue, Providence , RI 02906, Ph: 401-331-1616 ext. 14, Fax: 401-421-9279, E-mail: miriam@teprov.org."
  2. Grannies are planning to be at Occupy the Rhode Island Board of Governors of Higher Education meeting at URI on March 19, an event that will be coordinated with Occupy RI Campus.(Ex post facto comment: Marlies already wrote a song since we met.)
  3. Our next meeting will be at the Voluntown Peace Trust, March 10 @ 10 AM.
  4. UConn at Avery Point: Marlies will talk to Nancy about moving original date (Monday, March 19) to Mnday, March 26. Start at 7 PM; meet at 6 PM at Finn's Cafe,
  5. Be on lookout for Earth Day events.