Minutes (by Peter) of January 14, 2012
  1. In response to Miriam's invitation, Maureen will contact her and Nondas about a Granny gig on April 22. Contact info: Miriam Abrams-Stark, Director of Congregational Learning, Temple Emanu-El, 99 Taft Avenue, Providence , RI 02906, Ph: 401-331-1616 ext. 14, Fax: 401-421-9279, E-mail: miriam@teprov.org.
  2. Saturday a Raging Grannies flash mob will descend on Bank of America [9 Franklin St (Rt 1) Westerly RI 02891]

    The following was not discussed at the meeting:

    If you need inspiration for the Bank of America action of next week. This web site may be a good start:

    For the impatient here is a the million dollar summary: This year Bank of America is receiving the "income tax refund from hell" $666 million for 2010, according to its annual report filed in late February 2011. This is following a $3.5 billion refund reported in 2009. Bank of America's federal income tax benefit this year is roughly two times the Obama administration's proposed cuts to the Community Development Block Grant program ($299 million).

    Or as US Uncut asks: We pay our taxes, why don't they? (Click here for more)

  3. We'll make an attempt to join raging-grannies@googlegroups,com. Advantages: people can receive email in their in-boxes as before, but other options exist for those who want to explore those here. Most importantly, whoever wishes to join or leave can do so at any time and will not have to wait until all update their own private email lists.
  4. The regular meeting dates have been changed to the second Saturday of the the month. The next meeting will be Feb. 11. If those who were not at the meeting object, we shall revisit this issue in the future.
  5. UCon at Avery Point: Marlies will talk to Nancy about proposed date of Monday, March 19.