Minutes (by Jane) of September 3, 2011

This morning Dotty, Debby, Sheila, Penny, Jane and Kit had a good time comparing Irene reports and brainstorming fun and games for the Peace Farm Fair. Jane had just purchased a 4-foot Earth Ball for non-competitive games on a "Moving Planet" theme, so we started fantasizing granny jump-rope jingles, hopscotch, limbo, suma (sp) dancing, etc. You can Google the Farm & Wilderness Camp in VT, Barefoot Books, or Movement for a New Society for a sample. And yes, we did also sing and come up with a song list, complete with choreography and props:

  1. We're Just a Gaggle...(slap fannies)
  2. Radical Environmentalists...(turn in circles with "numero uno" fingers like the kids)
  3. When we send...Falderal (a not-too-fancy-dancey step we'll teach you)
  4. Patch in the Ocean (save your plastic trash for a big tarp-bag prop)
  5. Only One World...(deflate the ball or toss it)
  6. When we make Peace instead...(march off stage)

We agreed we'll need a pre-performance rehearsal an hour before we go on, sometime between 12 and 5pm, Sept. 25. Please RSVP ASAP with your preferred time.