Granny Jane McPhetres Johnson

Stonington, CT

Day Job:

Ex-English teacher, Failed Poet, one-time NEH grant administrator, Library "Community Services Manager" (10 years)

Activism and Concerns:

Grew up in Boulder, CO, and protested the Rocky Flats plutonium trigger plant with Alan Ginsberg, and my father, husband, and son. While teaching overseas during the Viet Nam era, I was able to see "the war" through non-American media and have been trying to re-educate myself and others ever since. I retired in May 2008 and now have more time to give to Peace, Justice, and a future for the World. Meanwhile, I help with the work of the American Friends Service Committee in Southeastern New England. My Jailbird celebration at Westerly Friends Meetinghouse after being arrested at the White House in 2005 was the occasion for the founding of the Westerly Granny Gaggle.

Why be a Granny:

Croneyism is where it's at, isn't it? And Crones are empowered and empowering -- it feels wonderful to share our outrage with each other and with any listeners who are ready to hear. Every little connection is a mending stitch in the torn and tattered fabric of a worrisome world.