PHY205 / PHY275

Exam 2, Tuesday, March 31, 2020 — NEW

Follow this link and the same procedure as for the recitations but with twelve questions. The exam will be available at 8 am and your work must be submitted by 10 pm on Tuesday. You can submit one and one only version.

Rescheduled WebAssign homework

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Online recitations

Here are the instructions for the PHY275 recitations:
  1. You'll be able to download the problems and submit your work via a web page set up for this purpose;
  2. The TAs are setting up video conferences for questions and answers via WebEx and scheduled during your usual recitation time slot;
  3. You should have received an invitation;
  4. Work is due before closing of the day, which is set at 10 PM of the day of the recitations;
  5. Once you get to the site, you'll have to identify yourself with your student ID;
  6. You can then download the problems;
  7. Once you have done the problems, return to the site and fill out a form with the answers;
  8. Don't forget to click the button to submit the form;
  9. Follow this link to get started; and
  10. If you have problems, please contact us: Peter Nightingale to make sure that your final grade will not be negatively impacted.

Syllabus & Schedule

Student Recitation Guide

Lecture notes — NEW

The following are Professor Nightingale's lecture notes:
  1. Chapter 16 (two lectures)
  2. Chapter 31 (two lectures)
  3. Chapter 32 (three lectures)
  4. Chapter 33 (two lectures)

Lecture slides

The following slides were created by Professor Meyerovich:
  1. Chapter 17
  2. Chapter 18
  3. Chapter 19
  4. Chapter 20
  5. Chapter 15
  6. Chapter 16
  7. Chapter 31
  8. Chapter 32
  9. Chapter 33

Recitation grades

Please ask the TA at your recitation section what your number is on the list.

Recitations problems with answers/solutions:

  1. recitations 01-29-2020 (no solutions)
  2. recitations 01-29-2020 (with solutions)
  3. recitations 02-05-2020 (no solutions)
  4. recitations 02-05-2020 (with solutions)
  5. recitations 02-12-2020 (no solutions)
  6. recitations 02-12-2020 (with solutions)
  7. recitations 02-19-2020 (no solutions)
  8. recitations 02-19-2020 (with solutions)
  9. recitations 02-26-2020 (no solutions)
  10. recitations 02-26-2020 (with solutions)
  11. recitations 03-04-2020 (no solutions)
  12. recitations 03-04-2020 (with solutions)
  13. recitations 03-18-2020 (all versions with solutions)
  14. recitations 03-25-2020 (all versions with solutions)

Exams with answers/solutions

  1. exam 1 with solutions

Final exam schedule