Rrrraging Grrrannies of Grrreater Westerly

Hundreds walk in New London to end homelessness

Unconvention, Montreal, 2014

Saying No! to Dirty Fuels: May 17 2014 Rageathon

  • A Raging Grace, How Sweet The Sound: Matins on Dixon Square

    From left, George and Marlies Parent of North Stonington, Peter Nightingale of Kingston, Marie Schopac of Charlestown, Jan Very-Creamer and Ron Creamer of Green Hill and Debbie Dear of Stonington. The "Raging Grannies," as they are known, gathered Saturday at Dixon Square in downtown Westerly on a National Day of Action to raise awareness about climate change and rally against pipelines and dirty energy sources such as tar sands and fracking. The Raging Grannies are social-justice activists for peace and environmental causes. Christine Corrigan/ The Westerly Sun
  • Raging Grannies And Friends Evensong Time at Dale Carlia Corner: Singing Radical Environmentalists — click for video (last rites reserved)

Wisconsin: Grannies Rule

25 grand kids and 3 great-grand kids: arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Raging Grannies at Sandywoods

Rage, Granny, Rage by Jessica Papalia

Maladjusted and Challenged

"Film actress Daryl Hanna was arrested in Texas on Thursday along with 78-year-old and great-grandmother Eleanor Fairchild after they put their bodies in front of heavy logging machinery and refused to move." See here for more details.

King got close, but missed the Raging Grannies part: human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted and orbitofrontally challenged.

James Hansen, honorary Raging Granny

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Raging Grannies cause an UnConventional dustup

US Campaign Finance Activist Granny D Dies at 100 … more here; and here about How a Small Group of Dedicated People Might Actually Do Something.
The first Raging Grannies errr … sprouted … in 1986 in Victoria, BC, to sing satirical songs protesting nukes, militarism, racism, clear-cut logging, and corporate greed. There are now more than 60 gaggles of grannies throughout Canada, Europe, and the United States. Sing out your outrage with a sense of humor and a commitment to nonviolence. Gender, age, and musicianship optional. One hour plus one performance per month. Watch for sightings. Join us! Grrrramps too.

The Greater-Westerly Grannies make history: Westerly Raging Grannies

For a short history of the Raging Grannies follow this link San Francisco Bay Raging Grannies Action League.