Bail out the people

Tune of Beer barrel Polka (G/D)

Bail out the peo- ple!
Give them the mo- ney they need!
To hell with the bank- ers
Who suf- fer from ter- mi- nal greed.
Bail out the peo- ple!
That's where our tax- es should go.
We say do not bail out ban- kers,
Or the big three's C E Os.

Hey, have you no- ticed?
Fas- ci- sem seems to have come.
The poor, they go hun- gry;
While we bail out cor- po- rate scum.
Steal our tax mo- ney,
Send- ing our jobs o- ver- seas.
We are lo- sing health- care and homes,
While the rich do as they please.

Lay- offs are ri- sing!
More folks are now un- em- ployed.
Hey, what- e- ver hap- pened,
To the land of the free we en- joyed?
Time for the peo- ple
Rise up and now take a stand!
Get out and bail out the peo- ple,
Then we'll shout it: "Yes, we can!" (Repeat from "Get out")

Granny Vicki Ryder