Bail Out The Students

Tune of Beer Barrel Polka (G/D)

Bail out the students
Give them the money they need.
To hell with the bankers
Who suffer from terminal greed.
Bail out the students,
That’s where our taxes should go
We say no to banker bailouts,
And the shameful status quo.

Hey, have you noticed,
Reckoning needs to be done.
Poor kids go hungry
We bail out corporate scum.
They take our taxes
Send all our jobs overseas
We lose all hopes and dreams now
While the rich do as they please.

Lay-offs are rising,
More grads are now unemployed.
What-ever happened
To the land of the free we enjoyed?
It’s time for the people
Rise up and now take a stand!
Get out and bail out the students,
Then we’ll shout it: “Yes, we can!
(Yes, get out and bail out the students,
And we'll all shout: “Yes we can!”)

Granny Vick. Ryder and the Westerly Grannies