How much are those wars?

Tune of How much is that doggie in the window? (G/D)

How much are those wars we're always fighting? (Bang! Bang!)
Those weapons we make ev'ry year?
How much are those wars we're always fighting? (Bang! Bang!)
We each pay four thousand per year!

The Pentagon's getting way more smackers. (Bang! Bang!)
The White House, they call that a cut.
Since two thousand one, war budgets doubled. (Bang! Bang!)
Four thousand: man, woman and child!

You read all those God forsaken papers, (Bang! Bang!)
But never you find out the facts:
That Congress was bought by Daddy Warbucks. (Bang! Bang!)
'tIs he who gets billions of bucks!

George Orwell, he saw the future coming: (Bang! Bang!)
Call war peace; call increase a cut.
Big Brother, for war he has us brainwashed: (Bang! Bang!)
A trillion buck racket to kill.

And who are the ones to do the dying? (Bang! Bang!)
They're mostly the black, brown, and poor.
And who reap the fruits of their destruction? (Bang! Bang!)
The ruling class old, white and rich.

Refrain: last line melody goes up and add a final "Bang! Bang!"

Granny Paige