Guns 4 Grannies

Tune of How much is that doggie (G/D)

How much is that shot-gun in your window
The one that is made for a youth
How much is that weapon you are selling
I can't wait to see what it shoots!

I know there have been some school shootings
When weapons got in the wrong hands
So all kids need shotguns for protection
And guns for their grampas and grans!

They don't need a bunny or a kitty
Let's start kids as soon as they're six
So don't buy them bowls of little fishies
Instead buy them shotguns from Dick's!

You say you can sell us ammunition
For duckies and deer and big game
A rifle with hundreds of your bullets
Kills hundreds of kids all the same!

Big business needs us to buy their weapons
The NRA helps them get fat
So hook kids on killing little duckies
Gun lobbyist thank you for that!

Granny Jane