America, America

America the Beautiful, (G/D)

Let's all complain of George's reign, where freedom is no more,
Where unemployment rises and the poor folks get more poor.
America, America, You're losing all your friends,
You're killing more in this grim war to further corporate ends.

Oh how disgraced by fascist waste, by rampant corporate greed,
by putting folks in jeopardy for what they think or read.
America, America, oh how we weep for thee. It's time to take
the White House back right now through you and me.

Oh dutiful, for specious guise, for Rambo ways of gain,
For superpower travesties, our corporate world of shame,
America, America, God shed some light on thee:
Thy goodness share, humanely care, for true security!

Oh let us wail for schools that fail, for kids in poverty,
for no health care, or safety net, and loss of liberty!
America, America, you’re lost down this wrong track.
Come stand today and shout "NO WAY" & take our country back.

Rochester Raging Grannies + Granny Jane