Oil Game!

Tune of Take Me Out To The Ball Game

INTRO: A7↓8 ↑8 ↓8 | D7 ↓8 ↑8 ↓8 | G7 ↓8 ↑8 ↓8| C ↓4.|

There is an end to the OIL game
Soon we'll sit in the dark
Living on peanuts and ROTTING snacks
Once we are lost we may never get back.

So root, root, root for the GREEN life
The only way to SUR-VIVE
Let's shout one, two, three,
And break free,

Watch that hole in the OCEAN
Spewing oil like the plague
Killing the fish and the BIRDS and more
Spreading disaster all over the shore.

Bringing poop, poop, poop on the PEOPLE
No one's taking the BLAME
Let's shout one, two, three,
Tell B P:
Stop that DEAD-LY GAME!!

Granny Marlies and the Raging Grannies of Greater Westerly, Rhode Island