War on Terror

Tune of Battle Hymn of The Republic (E: starts on B)

Our eyes have seen illusions of the War-On-Terror’s end
We've trampled lots of terrorists, our missiles have been sent
We've lost our sons and daughters; many trillions have been spent
Our honor to defend.

			(spoken) Or is it our assets?

Now our President Oba-ma,
As a highpoint in the dra-ma
Killed Arch-enemy Osa-ma
Whom once we called a friend

			(spoken) Like Saddam Hussein, and Ghadafi.

Our eyes have seen the misery of caskets coming home
Of children lost and hungry who in war-torn regions roam
We pride ourselves on vengeance but we lost our way at home
We still don’t understand!

			(spoken) Will we ever get it?

Is this cause for jubila-tion
Or for further tribula-tion?
If we don’t change as a na-tion,
The terror will not end.

			(spoken) Let’s try peace!!

Granny Marlies