Women's Battle Song

Tune of The battle Hymn o The Republic, (C/G)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the flame of women’s rage
Kept smoldering for centuries, now burning in this age.
No longer are we prisoners in some old gilded cage
That’s why we’re raging on.

Stand up sisters, join the chorus (hand motion)
Stand up sisters, join the chorus
Stand up sisters, join the chorus
At last our time has come!

They've told us to speak softly, to be gentle and to smile;
Expected us to change ourselves with every passing style;
The only work for women was to clean and sweep and file;
That's why we're raging on.


We've broken through our shackles; still we sing a battle song;
We march for liberation and we’re many millions strong;
The world needs women's voices which were silent far too long;
That’s why we’re raging on!


Let's reach out to all women everywhere across the seas;
Whose lives are still in bondage to a host of miseries;
Till women's rights and dignity extend to everyeone;
We will keep raging on!