Granny Songs

  1. This page is and will always remain under construction. Click on the column on the left to view the song and on the second column to dowload a version that can be edited.
  2. Here is a write-up that Granny Kit Johnson wrote about the tricks and pitfalls of putting lyrics to music, a good read for those who like their Grannies' Rage to be intelligible.
  3. Here is the whole list of songs in raw, unsorted form.
Song page Topic
Oh, We're a Gaggle of Grannies Guns
Guns Don't Make Us Safer Guns
Gun Sense Song Guns
Guns 4 Grannies Guns
Gun Solutions Guns
Where Are You America? Guns
Miner's Lament Environment
Fight For Fossil Free, Folks! Environment
Fiscal Cliff Talk Environment
Bail Out The Students
America The Not-So Beautiful Environment
No! No! No! you don't
Occupy Wall Street
Housing Justice
Pilot Bob
War on Terror
A People's Hymn
What Shall We Do With Corp'rat Fat Cats?
Oh, We're a Gaggle of Grannies
Women's Battle Song
When We Make Peace Instead of War
Bail Out The People
Drilling Off-Shore Environment
Oil Game! Environment
Oh Lordy, Save Us From Ourselves! Environment
If You're Socialist And Know It
Hundreds of Billions
Let's All Complain
We Have Just One World Environment
When We Send People Off to War
How much are those wars?
Yes! Let us sing for civil rights!
When You Find Yourself Offended
Our Soldiers
Those Were The Days
This Old Gray Granny
Resist That Dreadful Urge War
Radical Environmentalists Environment
Immigrant Song Immigrants
Christmas Songbook Collection
GranniesSongs408.doc Collection

The following are only available in PDF; source files available upon request. MIDI versions are very slow for practice.

Sheet music  MIDI 
When I Think of Gaza's Plight play
How Much Are Those Wars play
Battle Hell in The Republic play
There Was a Pilot play
Good King Whence His Loss play
Drilling Off-Shore play
Uncle Joe of Senate Seat play
There's a Patch in The Ocean
Blasting Our World  

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